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"A child loves his play not because it's easy,
  but because it's hard." Benjamin Spock,  Pediatrician
Child with Project
​2-Year Old Playgroup


While becoming accustomed to a routine, children are given the freedom to experiment with the world around them. Large and fine motor skills are enhanced as the children play.  The two-year old class meets on Friday mornings.

3-Year Old Program

​The foci of this class are socialization, self-esteem, and the development of a positive attitude toward learning. This is accomplished through art, science, dramatic play, games, and manipulatives, coupled with teacher-led guidance on colors, numbers, sorting, and an array of other important skills.  The three-year old program runs on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Child Painting
4- and 5-Year Old Program


This program centers on science enrichment and emerging literacy.  It is designed for four- and five-year-old children, as well as for older three-year-olds, and introduces students to the learning strategies and content they will need for Kindergarten and beyond. In addition to receiving in-depth experiences in science and literature, students work on the alphabet, beginning addition and subtraction, problem solving techniques, history, and reading strategies. Children are also provided the opportunity to further develop their fine and gross motor skills through projects, games, center time, and field trips.


In Science Enrichment, we perform experiments and record the results, collect and identify various specimens, and learn about human anatomy, chicks, frogs, ants, and assorted other critters. The Emerging Literacy class includes role-plays and activities that are connected with stories and poems. This class uses alphabet knowledge to begin basic reading skills: working with letter sounds, learning word families, and using beginning reader charts. Most importantly, we help encourage the children to love reading


Unique to this program is the rolling curriculum, which allows a child to attend for two consecutive years to build upon their knowledge without repetition.  This program is held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Mrs. Cornue and Friend

The Multi-Age program is for children ages 3-5.  Offered on Friday afternoons, this class provides older students the opportunity to hone their skills by “assisting” the teaching of younger students. The three-year-olds benefit from the examples set by the older students. As always, the focus is on the students’ social and academic growth.

Fun with Play-Doh!
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