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About Us

Children Playing

Cornue's Children's Corner is rooted in the recent history of Sherrill, NY, and the surrounding communities.   It began in the basement of Plymouth Church in 1997 when Cindi Cornue took over the business from local children's craft book writer Kathy Ross, who had started children's programming in her Kenwood home in late 1970's.  The school has been around, in one incarnation or another, for quite some time!


These days, Cornue's Children's Corner focuses on academics through play.  Sure, our children do some crafts, but every craft, every movement, every area of play, is an intentionally chosen activity to support each child's growth.  Watch a child playing with eye droppers and sponges in the water table.  They are having fun!  But they are also strengthening their finger grip to support holding pencils and crayons.  A child with a doll is practicing care and  empathy... after all he or she may one day become an older brother or sister, an aunt or an uncle, a mother or a father.


At Cornue's Children's Corner, we strongly believe in differentiating.  We guide children to activities that support the individual skills they need to work on, with no pressure, and a focus on the joy of learning!


Most importantly, C.C.C. is family-oriented.  You, after all, are your child's first and most important teacher.  You will always know what we are working on in school.  You will always be able to contact us if you have questions or concerns, and once your child starts programming, you will be a part of the C.C.C. family from that day forward!  How do we know?  Parents have told us so!



LOVE the program at CCC!  Both of my girls (one CCC Graduate and one current student) have gained so much by learning, playing, and socializing with their friends.  The teachers are so wonderful and caring and make it such a great place to start their educational journey!



My son gained such a great head start at CCC!  The teachers are incredible and really KNOW the kids.  I couldn't have asked for more!





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